5 Useful Fashion Tips For Guys In College Without Wasting Much Time In Shopping

5 Useful Fashion Tips For Guys In College Without Wasting Much Time In Shopping

August 20, 2018 0 By Faisal Zia Ahmed
Hey TrendWhoopers!
Today In this article I am going to tell you about some of the most useful fashion tips for guys in college.
I am assuming you must be very curious to know about things that might not just help you to improve yourself but also to make you look cool in front of everybody around you.
But what makes this post so special? Why should you even consider things I will tell you here in this article?
 You will figure out the answers to these questions after you get a glimpse of the lessons I learned after years of ethical shopping.

Things I learned After Years Of Ethical Shopping!


There is one point in our life when we stand up and decide to change something that has been bothering us for a very long time. After all, everybody has a point where we can’t actually take it any longer.
Earlier we have discussed some of the major developments which everybody ought to know about.
If you have lost your path to a good and happy life, this article is something you can’t miss, “5 things to recreate yourself”
I always have my interest in buying new things since a very young age. I was one of those kids who used to cry for days just to get that blue toy plane which I must have seen in some toy shop.
With time when I understood how important it is to look good especially when you are around people, I realized how much impact our clothes usually have in making us look good.
But then it is always preferred to spend and buy products wisely and only when you know you are going to use them.
I always consider saving a little amount of money at the end of the month, so that I can buy cool stuff for myself.
It’s always advisable to set a budget. Buy things which complete your requirements (New trends, Pocket-Friendly, comfort etc)
And after having all these things set in my mind, there are few golden rules which one should always consider before going out for your fashion shopping.

RULE 1- Always see what suits you the most, in terms of color and design.


Many people usually face this problem in their day to day life, people tend to confuse which color makes them stand out or makes them pop.
What size should they pick and will it suit them and if the fitting is right?
Also, It’s always better to know what suits your body and shop according to it.


Rule 2- Never hesitate trying out new things.


There have been times where you think “ Since I always wear jeans why not go for another one this summer?
Of course not, it is important to change your style. Instead of buying jeans why not go for joggers or cuffed pants this time?


Rule 3 Do not rush while buying your favorite clothing item.


It is always important to take the chance and try searching for better clothes in other places too, even after you have selected something already.
You never know, you might get a better deal, especially when going for the high-end brands, make sure that you never rush.

Rule 4 You should never avoid accessories.


It’s something I think guys must have heard at least once in their life. that a guy’s closet has only 2-3 t-shirts/shirts and only one pair of jeans.
Which is again, highly stereotypical.
It’s not like guys do not have many clothes, but what I think is that, clothing lines have hardly something new to offer. We need something out of the box in the men clothing industry.

Rule 5 Always believe in your first instinct.


There will be times when you first see a thing you always tend to love that in just seconds but however when you explore more options you get confused, go for something which you like the most so you won’t have regrets.
I want you all to know, that always believe in your first choice. You might not have told anybody about it, you might have just  thought about it for a few seconds but somewhere in your mind, you know what satisfies your choice.
Never underestimate your first instincts and live your life happily.
Till now you must have got an idea about what all things you should have in your mind before shopping for clothes.
I have added some recommendation links above for you to check out and explore your options.
Feel free to comment below about what you think about it and share your personal experiences.
Always glad to receive feedback from you. Happy Shopping!

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