One Of The Best Restaurant For Dates In Delhi | Mia Bella Romantic Kitchen & Bar

One Of The Best Restaurant For Dates In Delhi | Mia Bella Romantic Kitchen & Bar

August 20, 2018 25 By Kamalika Anand

Mia Bella: One Of The Best Restaurant For Dates In Delhi

Heya TrendWhoopers! 

This article is about one of the best restaurant for dates in Delhi- Mia Bella HKV. It is a beautiful European theme restaurant right next to the Hauz Khas fort with a wonderful view of the lake. 

It is the perfect place to go enjoy the sunset on their terrace with your partner or your buddies. 

The food and the ambiance reminded me a lot of my trip to Santorini, Greece last summer. 

The combination of white and blue splashed across the city was breathtaking and I don’t know if that was Mia Bella’s inspiration but it sure did bring back a lot of memories. 


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What did I order? |  Best Restaurant For Date


So I have been to Mia Bella twice and tried a few things. I try my best to present as much diversity in my food for you guys so that it helps you decide better.

1. Bruschetta bar

  • Creamy garlic mushroom
  • Caponata
  • Ratatouille 
  • Egg and chives

2. Greek nachos (chicken)

3. Spaghetti Aglio Olio

4. Greek chicken with tzatziki

5. Crispy fried chicken Wings

6. Chicken, Chilies, Sweet Corn Pizza

7. Thyme Scented Chicken Risotto and Risotto Fruitti Di Mare 

8. Chimichurri Prawns

9. Cold coffee

10. Watermelon Cooler and Mandarine Magic 

11. Tiramisu 

Bruschetta bar


The ambiance influenced my choice of dishes a lot and the bruschetta bar was the first thing I ordered. The classic bruschetta has tomato and garlic mixed with olive oil but this dish lets you order a mix of bruschetta (max 4) from the menu. 

My favorites were the creamy garlic mushroom and caponata. Not very happy with the egg and chives bruschetta. 

Greek Nachos


These are your usual cheesy nachos but taste so fresh and light in comparison. I think it’s a must order if you feel like ordering something cheesy but don’t want it to get too heavy. The chicken version of it was absolutely lovely. 

Spaghetti Aglio Olio 


I’m all in for taking risks and so when the server suggested I order the baked penne pasta (their most ordered dish), I ordered this instead.

 Aglio Olio is a Southern Italian dish cooked in olive oil and garlic. Southern Italian cuisine is always on the lighter side and this is the usual preparation of their food. 

It did serve my purpose of a non-cheese pasta but I think it was too oily. Just ask the server to make sure there’s not too much oil and you’re good to go! 

Greek Chicken with Tzatziki


A flavourful chicken dish served with slices of pita bread and tzatziki, a dip made out of cucumber and curd.

The chicken is prepared in a marination of herbs and red wine vinegar but the dish had that tinge of red wine vinegar missing. Even though the combination overall tasted well, the dip was not upto the mark.   


Crispy fried chicken wings


A total blissful experience for all the wing lovers out there! The best part is that they serve it in portions of 8,16 and 24 pieces. 

This dish is a definite try. Special mention to that homemade sauce in which it is prepared. Absolutely yum!

Chicken, Chilies, Sweet Corn Pizza


I usually order pizzas for 2 reasons- 

  1. I’m craving it really bad
  2. I don’t see anything on the menu that interests me.    

There is no in between. Luckily, this time it was the former and it was a good one. You can also try the Quatro Stagione. 

Thyme-scented chicken risotto and Risotto Fruitti Di Mare

These were the highlights of my meal. Well, technically I got them packed as taking away, on two different occasions and they were absolutely lovely. I liked the Thyme Chicken Risotto more than the seafood risotto because ironically there wasn’t much seafood in there. For a person who has tried risotto in different restaurants in Delhi, both these dishes make it to my favorites. 

Chimichurri Prawns 


The one and only main dish that I ordered was this one and I wish I could have more of it. 

It was scrumptious and the mash potatoes coupled with that red wine sauce were the cherry on top of this perfect package of a dish. 

Cold coffee


This was actually the first time I had the such a cold coffee somewhere outside my house, that is without sugar and probably even without milk. It’s not for those who like their coffee to be sweet but green signal for all black coffee lovers.


Watermelon Cooler and Mandarine Magic


These thirst-quenching mocktails are all that you need to beat the heat. While the watermelon cooler was sweet, mandarine magic was citrusy, both were really refreshing to take your pick!




This Italian classic dessert is the perfect end to a perfect meal and I’d rather order two than share one with others. 

Tiramisu is a dessert infused with rum. Please always check with your server before ordering tiramisu if you don’t like alcohol in your dessert. 

What Do We Think About It? |  Best Restaurant For Date



Mia Bella is a must visit. I absolutely relished the food and I’m definitely going back! 

The staff is really sweet and helpful. Had a good time interacting and clicking pictures with all of them. 

Shoutout to Mr. Arun and Mr. Narender, thank you for being so co-operative. Our server, Mercy was so sweet!

Thank you for a good experience.


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Always looking forward to your feedback. Happy eating! 

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Do visit Mia Bella and let us know what you think about it in the comment section?

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