How To Cleanse Your Body To Lose Weight (Part 2)

How To Cleanse Your Body To Lose Weight (Part 2)

August 20, 2018 4 By Kamalika Anand

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We are back on with the discussion about how to cleanse your body to lose weight.

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In the above article, we discussed know-how of a detox diet.

In this article, I will give you the tips from my personal experience along with what your pantry should and should not consist for healthier living.

Which brings us to the next section of our article. I have to admit, a detox is not as easy as any book or article (just like mine) might make it sound but below are some tips you can swear by if you want to detox. 

Keep yourself hydrated at all times


Water is key. I cannot emphasize enough on this point, irrespective of the weather, keep a bottle/s with you at all times. Have warm water in winter if need be. Increased intake of water improves your digestive system and metabolism by flushing out toxins, gives you glowing skin etc.  

Exercise is vital


 In order to benefit from a detox plan fully, you need to follow a proper exercise routine. As you may know, our skin also releases toxins from our body in the form of sweat and therefore, having an exercise routine in addition to your detox plan will be a bonus. 

Avoid intake of sugar and salt in the evening

This is a tricky one but try to avoid the intake of sugar and salt after 7 in the evening whenever possible. Avoiding intake of salt in the evening prevents water retention and belatedness of the body, helping you to reduce your “water weight”. 

Take sufficient rest


Sometimes we tend to ignore this fact and that’s why even after all our efforts we do not get the desired results. A well-rested body always functions better than a tired or over the rested body. The right amount of rest or sleep is what you need. 

Treat yourself with some self-pampering

In addition to the above point, a nice relaxing massage, spa, beauty routines like a facial or a mani-pedi and even meditation shall help you relax and de-stress yourself. After all, a detox is not only limited to removing toxins from the physical body. 

Do not be hard on yourself. Do not follow an aggressive approach

Just like everybody is different, everybody is also different and follows its own course. Do not feel demotivated just because you could not achieve your target weight at the given time. The more you are hard on yourself, the more your cravings will haunt you after the diet is over. 

Don’t starve yourself. Ever

Try to go for healthier alternatives whenever possible but starving yourself on purpose is of no use. It will cause you to stress and feel depressed for the remaining period of the diet. 

Maintain a balance between your meals


Say, it’s the holiday season and you have had heavier meals in the past few days, they prefer going for lighter meals for the next few days with an increased intake of water. Balance is what it takes to maintain your weight if your schedule doesn’t allow you to focus on losing it.

Include fruits at least twice in your diet in one day, especially during summer time. Watermelon, muskmelon, oranges, kiwi etc are good options.

Enjoy the journey

You will experience a difference in yourself during and after your detox is over.
Detox is not only about losing some pounds but also about being physically and psychologically healthier.


This is very, very important. Everybody, sometime or the other falls for temptations or does not feel up to it but feeling guilty will not help you at all, it will only lead you to a guilt trip. Instead, have your moment and get back up, start again and you’re good to go. After all, we are all human. You just need to know how to bounce back to your motivated self. 

Surround yourself with positivity

Following a diet plan means disrupting your pre-existing routine and trying to follow a new, better one which can sometimes be stressful. Do not give up the diet because of temporary stress or irritability, All you need to do is, declutter yourself mentally and physically. Supportive friends and family are exactly what you need at this time. They are the ones who will get you back on track when you feel low or do not feel up to it. Put up motivational posters in your room, office. Change your phone wallpaper to something that drives you to work harder.

Remember, detox is a way of life and not a one-time diet plan

Never jump right into it. Take it slow and never follow aggressive diet plans without consulting a doctor. A good detox plan will go a long way with you to cleanse your body and hopefully, to keep it that way all the time. Whenever you think of giving up, remember why you started in the first place.

These pointers will go a long way with you, whichever path you choose to stay fit and healthy.

Now, moving on the next part of this article, the following are the lists of foods involved in either making or breaking your diet plan. The basic idea behind a detox is to increase an intake of fresh food and cut down on foods with less nutritional value.


2.Fresh fruits and vegetables
– superfruits like apples, papayas, berries, melons and the citrus fruit family etc
– super vegetables like broccoli, beetroots, carrots, ginger, garlic, spinach etc

3.Freshly squeezed juices
4. Non- dairy alternatives
5. Nuts and seeds
6. Sprouts
7. Dried beans, lentils
8. Tofu
9. Skinless poultry and fish
10. Eggs
11. Herbal and infused teas


1. Processed foods
2. Caffeine (coffee, aerated drinks)
3. Alcohol
4. Tobacco
5. Red meat
6. Excessive salty or sweet foods
7. Fried foods
9. Take- away meals
10. Stale or frozen foods
11. Packaged drinks or juices

All these are some basic essentials that you need to take care of for maximum results.

However, you need not limit yourself to only these options, as mentioned in part 1 of this article, research is very important.

Note: People allergic to certain foods mentioned above to take special care of their dietary needs.

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Such a diet is not weight-loss centric but focuses on the total being of your mind and body from which you benefit in different ways like shedding extra body weight. 

Once I started on this path of detox, I wanted to know more about it and so I got my hands on The Detox Cookbook and Diet Plan by Maggie Pannell. It gives you over 150 recipes to help you make your diet tasty and easy. 

Here are the Amazon links for the books you can refer to:

 The Detox Cookbook & Health Plan 


Detox in a Weekend: Lose weight and improve your well-being with a unique cleansing routine

Hope this article was helpful and motivated you to follow a healthier diet plan. These simple changes in your diet will do wonders for your body and mind without having to succumb to those extreme diet plans which do not align with our fast-moving lifestyle. 

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Happy Detoxing! 


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