Good Food Review | Wood Box Cafe

Good Food Review | Wood Box Cafe

August 20, 2018 0 By Kamalika Anand

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Being a student in Delhi University, you always have a variety of cafes to choose from but are all of them actually worth a visit and satisfy the three basic requirements: good food, good ambiance and of course, pocket-friendly, of a college student?

I will in this article and the articles to follow, be reviewing cafes in Satya Niketan, New Delhi.


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Wood Box Cafe is one of the well-known cafes of Satya Niketan and was one of my personal favorites. What always made me go back to WBC was the variety of dishes that it offered, its funky ambiance and the friendly staff. Even though the latter two remain the same, unfortunately, the change in their menu did not help their cause.

Good Food Review: What did I order?

Crispy Honey Chicken


This crispy “honey” chicken was crispy, as promised but was very spicy.

Love how they served it but I’d rather order chili chicken if I want to have something this spicy.

Fish & Chips


This classic English dish is supposed to be crisp and rather bland but all that matters is the technique with which it is cooked. There was no taste of the fish, only of the fried batter. The only thing worth in this dish were the fries and the tartar dip.

Virgin Mojito and Cold Coffee


Want to know which camera do I use to click pictures?  Click Here!

WBC is always up to the mark with their drinks, be it their shakes or mocktails. I would definitely recommend everybody to go try them. The concept of serving their drinks in half-cut vodka bottles looks really cool.

All these dishes were from their new, shorter menu.
Thumbs up for the Pizza Jar, Cheesy Baked Nachos, Freaky Waffles and all their shakes.

Also, they haven’t updated the new menu on Zomato while Dineout has it.
This change in the menu is not recent, it’s been a while but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying there without making a hole in your pocket.

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