Good Thai Restaurant Near Me | Ziu Restaurant

Good Thai Restaurant Near Me | Ziu Restaurant

August 20, 2018 39 By Kamalika Anand

Good Thai Restaurant Near Me

Heya Trendwhoopers!

I recently visited an amazing  Thai restaurant near me, Ziu, Sangam Courtyard, New Delhi.

Ziu is a progressive Thai restaurant by Chef Gurmehar Sethi.

True to its meaning, Ziu has been successful in serving “cultivated” exotic dishes, which maintain a perfect balance between the traditional and the modern.

Ziu is a breath of fresh air in the modern dining food industry and I can assure you, you wouldn’t regret going. The food is light, aromatic and flavourful.

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One of the perks of being a food blogger is that you get to eat a lot of food- both good and bad. Fortunately, Ziu put its best foot forward and I got to taste some really delicious food.




  • Krathong Thong
    (Crispy cups with Asian greens and palm sugar dressing)
  • Asian Green Dimsums
  • Khao Tang Gai Yang
    (Tofu in basil sauce on rice cracker)
  • Som Tam Salad
    (Crispy fried papaya salad with chilly lime dressing peanuts cherry tomatoes and beans)
  • Meing Khum
    (Wild pepper leaves stuffed with lime, chilly, peanuts, ginger and tamarind jam)


  • Kanom Krok
    (Chicken Creme Brûlée with chili jam and kaffir like leaves)
  • Khao Tang Gai Yang
    (Chicken Rice Cracker in basil with grated nutmeg)
  • Fish Sticks dusted in semolina with Spicy Thai Dip -Chicken & Water Chestnut Dimsums



  • Tom Yum Soup
    (spicy and sour chicken soup)



  • Chicken Kraprow
    (Stir-fried chicken in birds eye and crispy holy basil sauce)
  • Chicken Red Thai curry
  • Burnt garlic rice
  • Veg Hokkien Noodles



  • Homemade coconut ice cream
    followed by an aromatic cup of, much needed, Jasmine Tea.

Mouth-watering, isn’t it?

After looking at this long list of dishes, it’s only fair if I pick out the ones I think stood out and are a must try.



Imagine the best Som Tam Salad you ever had, the crunchy raw papaya mixed with lime dressing and peanuts. Now imagine having even better.
Chef Gurmehar has a different take on this traditional Thai salad and the result is outstanding. I couldn’t resist munching on it throughout the meal. It’s fried but it’s very light and is a must, must try.



These little crispy cups were a vision to look at and the taste did justice to its presentation. The mix of peanuts, Asian greens went well with the palm sugar dressing and the bed of crispy greens (I sprinkled them over the cups).

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They served two portions of each, both tofu (left) and chicken (right). I love chicken as well as tofu and can’t decide which one was better.
Just like the two dishes I have mentioned above, this one too is crisp and I would suggest that you order either this or the crispy cups along Som Tam.



Now, this is something I was really excited to try.
I wanted to know how a Chicken Creme Brûlée would taste like and it is a signature dish, I thought it was worth the risk and I wasn’t let down.
Do keep in mind that it turns a little salty if not eaten when hot.



Burnt Garlic Rice is worth ordering if you wish to try something other than steamed jasmine rice and fried rice.
It goes well with the Red Thai curry and could be ordered as a combination.

Veg Hokkien Noodles and Chicken Kraprow taste good individually but there’s too much going on if ordered together.


Why I liked these the most was because they were innovative and not something every restaurant has on their menu.

Other dishes were equally tasty but as I said earlier, they stood out for many reasons.

Asian Greens dim sum, left
Chicken and Water Chestnut Dimsum, right


Fish Sticks dusted in semolina with Spicy Thai Dip

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This dish is an appetizer but could also be eaten as a palate cleanser. A palate cleanser is something that neutralizes your taste buds so that you can fully enjoy the next food course.

Originally it is served deconstructed but this dish is, as I like to call it, a refreshing “Thai Paan”.


“Just the right amount of sweet” ice cream.

Note: This was a special menu that I ordered. You can ask your server to help you with the menu if you wish to try a variety of dishes.


I personally would go back again because of the welcoming energy that fills the place, all thanks to their staff.

It’s them who make it more worthwhile. I had a great time interacting with them, especially Mr. Ahluwalia, the General Manager of Ziu Restaurant.


Do visit Ziu Restaurant and let us know what you think about it in the comment section?

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