Things To Pack For A Road Trip: Road Trip Essentials

Things To Pack For A Road Trip: Road Trip Essentials

August 20, 2018 6 By Faisal Zia Ahmed

Things to Pack for a Road Trip

Since it has not been long since I inspired the fresh air of the mountains, I choose to share few of my unretentive habits with you all. It has always been fun for me to plan road trips with my friends and family as it renders moments full of high- spirited merriment, some great memories to cherish clubbed with some drinking and some grooving too. Though I have been to quite a few of the road trips my recent trip to the mountains made me realize that I suck big time at prepping up for the trip. Certainly, the constant exhilaration makes me forget to pack up my essentials but my hard luck makes me miss either my fav track pants or my binoculars. Since I have decided to jot down a list of essential articles for my next road trip hoping to not forget anything,  I wish the same for Y’all. Hoping not to miss out here, here’s my partake!!

1. Are you still going to stop by every person, boy??


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Technology has brought in several apps that can help you reach your destination in the shortest span of time. But, don’t forget to carry a paper map along because not every village can offer you network services, buddy!!

2. Got a brezzer! Not in my hand but in my mind.


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Certainly, the essential part of your road trip is some music you can groove on with your pals. Prepare a playlist beforehand to dance to those trippy beats because nothing can excite you more than some black rhythm- and- blues

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3. Got a cut?? Well, you have the kit behind your butt!!


A small cut or an aching head requires medication while you are away from home. Ensure to carry a first aid kit along with a mosquito repellant for the buzzing mates around.

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4. Well, you can’t manage your poop without the wipe!!


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It is extremely crucial to carry along hand sanitizer, wet- wipes, and toilet paper because not every place can offer you a lavish toilet seat or freely flowing water.

5. 2% energy can’t fuel you much buddy!!


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While you continue to use your iPod for music and mobile phones for navigation, it is cardinal to have power bank so that you can anytime switch in your power draining devices.

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6. To set your body in motion, you do need a lotion.


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A lip balm, neutral body lotion and a sunscreen of appropriate SPF is essential to be carried to protect your skin from unwanted dryness and tanning in the scorching heat. Water is another essential agent to prevent your body from dehydration

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7. Car ill?? Take a chill pill.


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You will never want to run out of car oil amidst a deserted forest. Carrying oil supply, car battery, a separate tire, and the torch will help you in need.

8. Got that never-to-be lost bag??

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Another essential item being used your documents. Be it car insurance, your driving license, health care and insurance and also your ID proof to prevent any last minute trouble.

9. Baby, you do need dollar bills to have fun!!

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Not every place you visit can offer you ATM machines. U, it is better to carry some loose cash that to change to prevent running for one to odd people.

10. Wait!! Draping yourself is necessary.

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Image Source: Marie Claire

Well, before you leave for the trip it is better to spend some time doing R & D on the climate of the place you are visiting. Accordingly, carry the layers. Also, ensure that you have additional pairs of undergarments in case you fall back in washing your clothes.

It is also crucial to carry a deodorant in case you decide to wear the same trousers or the tee for the next two days.

Well, there is never an end to the everlasting road trip essentials.  But, I hope that you don’t lapse on anything rather than some great memories and jovial moments. Happy Jaunting!!

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